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Janeiro’s wonderful technique and self-confidence, combined with an unparalleled canter in the arena, make him a notable show jumper and worthy competitor.

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Judge comes from a long line of successful international show jumpers. With his remarkable appearance and reflexes, he upholds their legacy of excellence.

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El Cid’s competitive spirit is perfectly complemented by his striking dark coat, allowing him to captivate audiences while achieving success in the ring.

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Taboe is a careful stallion with a superior intellect who radiates strength, beauty, and skill during any show jumping competition.

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Twister possesses an incredible technique and gallop, making him an exceptional stallion who exudes elegance with every jump.

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T's & C's

Passport, Chip, Mail

A copy of the mare’s passport with the chip number and details of the owner has to be sent by mail with the first order.


All prices are exclusive of VAT, shipping costs, and health certificates.


Semen needs to be ordered before 9:30 A.M by phone call or email.

Pick-up hours

You can pick up from:
Monday-Friday until 5 P.M.
Saturday until 1 P.M.
There will be no collecting on Sundays.

Fresh semen delivery

Fresh semen can also be shipped. To be delivered same-day, orders must be in by 9:30 A.M. Owners of the mare are responsible for all shipping costs. The container for semen needs to be returned by the owner. If not, you will be charged for it.


In the case of non-gestation, please let us know ASAP for our administration. (stallions@eyckenhoeve.be)


We will send an invoice of €150 after your first order, which is the reservation charge. The reservation charge will be deducted from the total sum of stud fees in the case of a living foal. The reservation charge is not refundable in the case of no living foal. You will receive the invoice from the total stud fee after the foal is born alive.


We offer a 10% discount for anyone buying second for a second mare.

Live foal notice

The mare holder needs to notify us with a live foal within the first 48h.

By ordering semen, the mare holder declares to have read and agreed to the breeding and
payment conditions listed above.